Sunday, March 17, 2019

Getting up in your "Bus"-i-ness

The 2019 Social Studies Trip is under way. 41 students and chaperones departed Wild Rose at 6:30 this morning, and began an adventure of a lifetime. Today was all about spending time on a bus, and at travel plaza's along the various turnpikes. We traveled through all or parts of four states today, WI, IL, IN, & OH. We arrived in Richfield, Ohio, around 6:30pm (EDT) ahead of schedule. Once we checked into the hotel the students had energy to burn and rest of the evening was spent at the pool or in the game room. We were also treated to a pizza party. Tomorrow is an early day with a 7am departure as we make our way out of Ohio, to Gettysburg, Pennsylvania.

Trip Stats:
Steps taken - 6,620 (Although this number may have been aided by the bus ride)
States traveled through: 04
Movies: 03 - Spaceballs, The Incredibles, & Gremlins (Don't feed them after midnight)
Cups of Coffee: 01
Rest Stops where I found Purple Powerade Zero: 00
Link to a bad song about a state we visited: R. Dean Taylor - Indiana Wants Me

Lunch in Indiana

Sometimes you just gotta work out the kinks - traveling can be tough

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