Monday, March 18, 2019

Try the Gettysburg-er with Cheese-heads

This morning was another early one, as we were on the bus and able to see the sunrise over Eastern Ohio and Western Pennsylvania. Around 1pm we arrived in Gettysburg, but not before the adventure of going up and over a mountain shortly after turning off the Pennsylvania Turnpike. The students & chaperones had mixed reviews of the trip over the mountain. Some felt uneasy, others (like myself) thought it was awesome. We all agreed our bus driver John did an amazing job navigating the curves and downhill.

Once we arrived in Gettysburg we started our journey at the Gettysburg National Battlefield Visitor Center and Museum. We watched a short video New Birth of Freedom narrated by Morgan Freeman, with Sam Waterston as the voice of Abraham Lincoln then headed up an escalator to the Cyclorama of Pickett's Charge. While all worthwhile and interesting, nothing compared to being out on the actual battlefield.

We toured the battlefield on the bus with our tour guide Rich. Listening to Rich talk about how the battle unfolded you felt like you were there watching the strategic troop movements. Our tour had a Wisconsin edge to it, as our first stop was at the memorial to the 2nd Wisconsin, and we ended our tour learning about Artillery Commander, First Lieutenant Alonzo H. Cushing from Delafield. Cushing died on the 3rd day of the battle (July 3, 1863), and was awarded the Congressional Medal of Freedom 151 years after his death. For more information about Alonzo H. Cushing visit this link. 

One other person we learned about was General Dan Sickles, who due to a lack of training and a possible honest mistake, nearly doomed the Union's efforts on the 2nd day of the battle near Little Round Top, in the Devils Den. Sickle's was injured and had his leg amputated. He lived to be in his 90's and is buried at Arlington National Cemetery, while his leg is on display at the National Museum of Health and Medicine in Washington DC. For more information about General Sickles and how he nearly doomed the Union Army, check out this link.

Our final push of the day saw us charge into General Pickett's Buffet, located not far from where Pickett's Charge took place. After dinner we headed back to the hotel and enjoyed the evening around the pool. Tomorrow we tour Philadelphia, and end the day at what will be our home away from home near Newark, New Jersey.

Trip Stats:
Steps taken today - 9,532
Steps taken overall - 16, 152
States Traveled Through - 05
Movies: 03 - Spaceballs, The Incredibles, & Gremlins (Don't feed them after midnight)
Cups of Coffee: 03
Rest Stops that had Purple Powerade Zero: 01
Mr. Yeska's Cribbage record against Mr. Barbarich 0 wins 4 losses
Link to a bad song about a state we visited: Guy Mitchell - Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania

The view of the Battlefield from Little Round Top
Another view of the Battlefield from Little Round Top

The presentation at the Cyclorama

Checking out the Cylcorama
The State of Virginia Monument, the man on the horse is Robert E. Lee

The Monument to the 2nd Wisconsin, a part of the Iron Brigade. This side details their efforts at Gettysburg

This side of the 2nd Wisconsin Monument, made in Montello , details the battles they were a part of. 

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